Idaho is ranked 51st in the nation when it comes to spending per student, according to the U.S. Census. Our state also has the lowest average weekly wages in the country. We can do more for our students to ensure they receive an excellent primary education and the necessary post-secondary education to obtain high-quality jobs and remain in Idaho. I am committed to achieving this goal and investing in our children, our teachers, and our future.

Transportation & Traffic

Roads in Meridian and across the state of Idaho are becoming increasingly difficult to travel due to the increase in population and lack of investment in maintenance and planning. We need a representative who wants to prepare for the future and focus on improving transportation in a way that will allow people to spend more time at home instead of stuck in traffic.


The current public health crisis of is the biggest modern example of why broader health care coverage is needed for Idahoans. I am committed to creating better access to affordable health care for every Idahoan, which includes better access to Medicaid and health care plans with affordable premiums and deductibles.